MUMGÉP Ltd. manufactures easy-to-use, long-lasting machines for dirt road repair, macadam road repair, rehabilitation of lightly loaded surface sealed roads, material spreading, snow removal. The machine system consists of suspended and trailed graders, stone crushers and vibratory plate compactors. Our main partners are agricultural production companies, forestry companies, municipalities, municipal companies, water authorities and felt parks. Our sales area is the Carpathian Basin. We believe that with our technology system, alternative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly road construction will become more widespread!

Our own product is the MAGNUS family of medium and deep subsoilers, and we also manufacture grain and soil bucket for loaders, Big Bag frames and other metalworking subcontracting services.

Unique to us, you can also order our machines on a tailor-made basis, i.e. we can also design a machine to your specifications within certain limits.

How the graders work

“The tractor’s hydraulics are operated in float mode during gredering operations. The floating mode, and the rear support wheels – which determine the depth of grip of the trowel and always run on the smoothed surface behind the trowel – ensureing that the machine does not take up the movement of the tractor caused by the potholed, uneven road surface, thus producing a smooth road surface against the tractor trowels and certain adapter graders. This is the so-called automatic ground following principle.

With our MUMGÉP graders, you can do all the work that you can do with self-propelled graders, but there is no question of value for money!”