FG100 - Suspended grader

Suspended or towed grader, road grader. With this type of machine, we offer our customers the most economical grader at the best price. Suitable for smaller tractors with less tractive power, such as those used by municipalities, municipal management companies, small agricultural contractors and gardeners. On request, we also manufacture this machine with 3-way electro-hydraulic joystick control, in which case it is designated FG 104.

Attachment mode:suspended rear, cat. II.
Weight:930 kg
Length:3700 mm
Smoothing board width:2720 mm
Smoothing board height:500 mm
Gouge angle:+/- 7°
Hydraulic lateral adjustment:+/- 1000 mm
Optimum tractive power requirement:40-120 HP

a) 3 pairs of remote valves at the rear of the tractor

b) 1 pushrod,
1 free return branch,
12 V socket in tractor cab