FG200 - Suspended grader

Suspended or towed grader, road grader. With this machine we provide a transition for our customers who have smaller (80-100 HP) and more powerful tractors. This machine is now fully electro-hydraulic, with the big advantage of having a hydraulic overload protection of the blade in case of stalling. More robust than the smaller series, it is optimally recommended up to about 160 HP.

Attachment mode:suspended rear, cat. II.
Weight:1250 kg
Length:3800 mm
Smoothing board width:2720 mm
Smoothing board height:500 mm
Gouge angle:+/- 7°
Hydraulic lateral adjustment:+/- 1000 mm
Optimum tractive power requirement:50-160 HP

1 pushrod,
1 free return branch,
12 V socket in tractor cab