MVG 300 - Towed grader

“With decades of design experience and a focus on superior material quality, we have strived to create machines that are long-lasting, low-maintenance, simple to operate and easy to use. These machines are ideally suited for the profile restoration of neglected earth and waterlogged macadam roads, for cutting the associated bench tops, for material spreading and for snow removal.

Our towed graders are also ideal for maintaining dirt roads, embankments, moving materials for earthworks, placing crushed stone and other road building materials into roadbeds for road construction, and snow removal.”

Attachment mode:towed
Weight:1750 kg
Length:5940 mm
Smoothing board width:2500 mm
Smoothing board height:650 mm
Gouge angle:+/- 20°
Hydraulic lateral adjustment:
Optimum tractive power requirement:80-180 HP

a) 3 pairs of remote valves at the rear of the tractor

b) 1 pushrod,
1 free return branch,
12 V socket in tractor cab